Monika Sommer - Mode die tanzt

Fashion that dances – with you, on you, for you

On these pages I would like to invite you to get acquainted with my fashion collections to date, to skim through the materials I have searched for and selected and to get an impression how I see and interpret fashion, be it in everyday life or in modern tango.

Here you can see for yourself how elegantly individual, lively and variable (dance) clothing can go beyond black, red and sequins. Each piece, made by hand and tailored to you, tells its very own story along with you, it flows around and caresses you – it puts the most important thing in the center: your feelings.

At the end of 2005, tango practically took over my life – it is a dance full of passion, history and emotions. At the beginning, however, I was simply interested in getting to know it. For that reason I wore, just like most friends, acquaintances, dance partners, the same clothes to the milonga that seemed the most comfortable and practical for everyday life: jeans and a t-shirt, or a skirt with a pullover.

As time passed, as I gained more experience and impressions from tango trips and workshops, my outfit changed to what I thought was classical tango fashion: close cut dresses, black and red skirts with a slit, occasionally with glitter and sequins – in other words a step forwards, away from the comfy daily clothes, but still hadn’t “arrived”. I wore clothing in which I could dance wonderfully, but not clothing that danced with me.

During this time, I also began to dance with certainty and self-esteem. From this sense of self-esteem I developed my own tango fashion line – fashion that dances. Swinging cuts, soft, flowing material such as silk, rayon and synthetics and so many more colors than simply red and black.

For a long time now it has not just been only fashion for me; many women who like to get dressed in a feminine, individual and comfortable way welcome the soft fit, which is not only comfortable to wear when dancing, but also accentuates the advantages of any figure.

Every piece of my fashion collection takes the long path from my head, through my heart all the way to my fingers. I select and work on every centimeter of material, every thread and every button consciously. Every top, every pair of pants and every skirt is unique, designed for dancing, elegance and femininity. This creative freedom gives the wearer the chance to change her appearance again and again. From a skirt emerges a tunic, a top can become a skirt, but no matter how they are worn, my fashion collection remains: fashion that dances.